Hey there!   I am Corinne Genova and I’m thrilled you’re here!  I will be sharing with you how I choose to live out my passion and share that passion with others in the areas of health, fitness, family and self-improvement!

If you’re in the Boston area, come check out my weekly Insanity Live classes, held at 25 East ST. in Winchester MA, on Tuesday mornings at 9 am and my weekly outdoor bootcamp on Thursdays at 6 pm from 5/4-6/1 in Woburn at 144 School St. Woburn, MA!

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So I spent 16 years as an educator and behavior specialist.  I LOVE teaching!  When I became a mom, I found it SO difficult to leave my baby every day but I also WANTED A CAREER!  It was tough!  After 2 years of leaving my son to go to work every day in tears, I decided to take a leap of faith and start my OWN business!!  It has been a dream come true.  It requires hustle and lots of heart, but when the WHY is strong enough, we can overcome any HOW!

I don’t teach children anymore (besides my own!) but I do teach fitness classes, help people with nutrition and I just so happen to be a stay-at-home mom of an active, adventurous two-year-old baby girl and a feisty, and creative 4-year-old boy.  Before children, I was an avid travel enthusiast, marathon runner and triathlete, with a passion for all things adventurous!  I left my job as a special educator and behavior specialist (BCBA) two years ago to stay-at-home full time and be with the children PLUS live out my passion with health and fitness.


I consistently work to have a healthy balance between my responsibilities and family time.  To be honest, it’s not always equal but and family ALWAYS comes first.   I am super passionate about sharing all of my parenting shortcuts with you all!  I still struggle to find the time to shower, sleep, and just be one with the universe.  #lifegoals  At the same time, I do soak up my time with the children, and our favorite activities are hikes, beach trips, zoos, playgrounds and food prepping (yes, they help!).  I look forward to sharing some recipes, fit tips, parenting hacks and my story!  Can’t wait to connect!