Fun and games at Great Wolf Lodge New England!

This past week, I took my sisters and my two children to Great Wolf for a mid-week escape.  We had an amazing time!  There is something about that place that just feels warm and friendly and we have such a fun time when we go.  We have been 2 other times and we already booked another stay for a couple of months from now!   We usually find deals where the prices ranges from $119-$250. This past time we went, it was on the pricier side, but for what we get, it’s WORTH it!!  For the week leading up to our trip, you’d think we were headed to Disney if you talked to my 4 and 1/2 year old.  I picked him up a little early from school which was right before rest time (his most dreaded time because he hasn’t napped since 2!).  He was beyond thrilled!  Our 2-year-old could finally enjoy the whole experience as well!   I will share with you some of our experiences and what to expect if you decide to head there at some point!

When you walk into the check-in area, there is usually someone making balloon animals, and a large table at child’s height with some sort of activity going on- coloring, beading necklaces, etc.  The staff is always smiling and willing to go out of their way for each child. There is a large fire place with seating areas.  There is also a bar and a Dunkin’ Donuts about 10 steps away!  The elevators are right there so the check-in/finding your room process is super easy.
In the evenings, they have a story time with characters and they actually read a very large book to the kids.  They have yoga in the morning!

There are many places for food, but the main lodge restaurant is only open for certain meal times. They were giving out milk and juice to the kids for free all day, although I’m not sure it’s always the case.   It can get pretty busy so I advise you to get there early if you don’t want to wait.  We showed up right at 7:30 am for breakfast and there was a buffet with an omelette station and waffle bar with the fixings!  The kids both ate plenty of fruit as well and enough protein for many hours of waterslide fun.  Kids 3 and under are free! It got pricey for adults, but breakfast is my favorite meal and it was worth it!

If you do have to wait to sit, remember that there is plenty for the kids to do!  Down the hall from the sit-down restaruant in the game area is pizza, salads and ice cream but not very much seating.  In one of the water parks, you can get burgers, fried food, pretzels, snacks etc. Right next to that snack counter, there is a large bar with all of your favorite frozen drinks!  This food and drink can be expensive and is what you’d expect at a family attraction (Disney, carnival etc.) . There are meal packages, but we didn’t think any of them were worth it.  If you want to save money on food, bring your own and keep in your room.  Outside coolers aren’t allowed in the water park, but you can bring in water.  At least they didn’t stop us!  The drinking fountain wasn’t working but we did fill water by the drink fill station.  Of course, there are the frozen pina coladas and margaritas at the bar to keep the adults hydrated or at least to keep them happy!

There are so many activities going on and when you check in, they will give you a schedule of their character visits, storytime, parades etc.  At Halloween time, there was trick-or-treating! There were scavenger hunts and guess the jelly bean contests this time we went (Easter time).  Put it this way- the kids will NEVER be bored!  If you need a break from water, there is plenty to do!  There is also a game area similar to Chuck E. Cheese with cards, tickets and prizes. My son could only get candy with his 20 tickets but when I asked the worker if there was another option, he allowed him to choose prizes from the 100 ticket section!  They have also given him free tickets in the past and free mini-golf as well.

When you walk down pass the water parks, you’ll find indoor mini-golf, toddler/kiddie rides (ages 2-5),  bowling game, ropes course for toddlers and older children (complimentary) and a mining station where kids can mine for gems!  This section of the lodge is where the bigger themed rooms are located. These rooms have bedrooms with bunk beds that the kids love! Older kids like MagicQuest and the younger ones have the option to build a stuffed animal and go around the lodge on a scavenger hunt as well with clues and prizes!

There are two large water parks across the hall from each other.  Both sides have large water slides for older kids and adults.  There are a couple HUGE slides if you like the adrenaline rush!  One is a straight DROP!  The other looks like a tornado. Have fun with those!!  I went down a few of the bigger slides but didn’t try the crazy ones.  I usually like them but I couldn’t build up my nerve this time!!

Both sides have smaller water slides for kids.  My 2-year-old went on every water slide and LOVED them. She must have gone down about 100 times in the two days were were there!  There are a few shorter ones on one side with a splash park and shallow pool.  There is also a large wave pool and the waves come and go. There are water spouts on that side and the little ones seem to like splashing in that shallow water and running from the waves!

On the other side, there is a playground type structure with water that dumps at intervals and 2 tube water slides. There is a large pool with basketball hoops and balls on one side and an obstacle course with ropes and plastic “logs” for balancing on.  My son was determined to get over this and practiced MANY times until he almost mastered.  I did it myself a few times and my upper body is still sore!!  The water is pretty warm and the temp inside the park is warm as well, so you won’t find yourself shivering as you would at an outdoor park!  Lastly, there is a LARGE jacuzzi with an indoor and outdoor section.  The kids loved it here as well and the water wasn’t VERY hot.  It was more like a very warm bath.  The outdoor air was refreshing!  I didn’t take a TON of photos at the actual water park because I didn’t take the water camera this time!

Overall, our stay was great.  Like I mentioned before, staff is always helpful and generous.  I highly recommend a stay here if you haven’t been! Please feel free to comment, ask questions and share this blog if you found it helpful!  Thanks and have an amazing day!!

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Tie-Dye Cake Project

I love trying new recipes and foods, but I’m not much of a baker. My son, on the other hand LOVES baking so we try to do a project or two a month. I would like it to be more since he enjoys it so much but we pretty much pack our days with activity so we don’t always have a chance.  Since we have a rainbow-themed party coming up for my daughter’s 2nd birthday in another week, we thought the tie-dye cake would be fun and colorful!  When we bought the cake mix, we thought we were getting some unique mix of colored powder/cake batter.




It was actually white cake mix! We had fun making it anyway and it came with small packets of food coloring! The cake itself called for egg whites only which makes me think that it needed to be a different texture so the colors didn’t run together.  It actually came out pretty good!  The process was fun too!!!


Gavin is a high-energy child with lots of thoughts, feelings, and questions. He is constantly on-the-go and always rushing to the next thing. Hmmm, he may take after me!  When we come together and focus on something like baking, or exploring a sensory project, he slows down, engages, smiles, and gets more relaxed and easy-going.  It’s good for his soul I believe!

As for the cake, it came out pretty well! The red cake mix had been taken over with orange and yellow so it was hard to see. We went live on facebook cutting into the cake to see the colors and you can check that out here:


We will try it again for Ms. Isla’s birthday and share how it comes out then!



If you’d like to pick up this mix, it’s called Duff Tie-Dye!

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