Tie-Dye Cake Project

I love trying new recipes and foods, but I’m not much of a baker. My son, on the other hand LOVES baking so we try to do a project or two a month. I would like it to be more since he enjoys it so much but we pretty much pack our days with activity so we don’t always have a chance.  Since we have a rainbow-themed party coming up for my daughter’s 2nd birthday in another week, we thought the tie-dye cake would be fun and colorful!  When we bought the cake mix, we thought we were getting some unique mix of colored powder/cake batter.




It was actually white cake mix! We had fun making it anyway and it came with small packets of food coloring! The cake itself called for egg whites only which makes me think that it needed to be a different texture so the colors didn’t run together.  It actually came out pretty good!  The process was fun too!!!


Gavin is a high-energy child with lots of thoughts, feelings, and questions. He is constantly on-the-go and always rushing to the next thing. Hmmm, he may take after me!  When we come together and focus on something like baking, or exploring a sensory project, he slows down, engages, smiles, and gets more relaxed and easy-going.  It’s good for his soul I believe!

As for the cake, it came out pretty well! The red cake mix had been taken over with orange and yellow so it was hard to see. We went live on facebook cutting into the cake to see the colors and you can check that out here:  fb.com/corinne.genova.


We will try it again for Ms. Isla’s birthday and share how it comes out then!



If you’d like to pick up this mix, it’s called Duff Tie-Dye!


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