Spicy Egg Roll Wrap

I love spicy food whether it’s Mexican, Thai, or Indian spice!  Just bring the heat to my plate and I’m happy!  The past couple of weeks, we have had celebrations, social events and trips/outings and I have overindulged.  My jeans do not lie.  I don’t beat myself up over that.  I enjoy myself!  I just know I need to start eating smaller meals designed to fuel and energize me and stay away from refined sugars and carbs again.  This is where I get off track. Pizza, tacos and margaritas are my weakness!  So I started day 1 of a new round of 21 Day Fix yesterday.  This always helps get me back on track.  I sometimes go a whole day without fruits or veggies but when I stick to the fix eating plan, I get PLENTY of fruits and veggies, and way less carbs.  I will STILL eat pizza, but less and I balance it out with some extra veggies!  It helps the kids too.  Yesterday, we all snacked on cucumbers and apples.  The kids ate two cucumbers and even pulled the cukes out of my water to eat those too.  Yikes!

Today when I had only a short time after teaching my fitness class and hopping on a call for my business, I whipped up lunch.  It was 11 am and I was hungry for eggs, but wanted veggies too.  I ended up adding some salsa to my eggs to make a spicy scramble!  I used one egg and two egg whites!  I then mixed cabbage slaw (same mix for cole slaw) with lowfat sour cream and sriracha sauce.  I SWEAR it’s good!!!  I loaded the egg scramble on top of a romaine lettuce leaf and added my crunchy, spicy sauce on top!  It was AMAZING!  The sour cream had 40 calories for 2 tablespooons.  The cabbage slaw was 25 calories for a cup and a half and I only used about 1 cup.  The salsa was about 20 calories.  A whole head of romaine is 108 calories and I used 2 leaves, so let’s say 20 for that!  One whole egg is 79 calories and egg whites are only 11!  I am watching my cholesterol so that’s why I’m using the whites.  That is how I got to about 190 calories TOTAL!  The eggs have the protein which should keep me pretty full but I’ll also have my shake around 1.  It’s a great idea to have multiple smaller meals every day instead of 3 larger meals to keep blood sugar steady!  Here’s the recipe again:

2 romaine lettuce leaves

1 whole egg and 2 egg whites

1 cup of cabbage slaw

2 tbs of low-fat or whole fat sour cream or Greek yogurt

2 tsp of Sriracha sauce

3 tbs of salsa

Coat pan with coconut oil.
Arrange 2 romaine lettuce leaves on plate.
Scramble eggs with salsa and cook until done.
Mix cabbage slaw with sour cream and sriracha.

Fix container equivalents= 1 red container, 1  1/2 green container, 1 teaspoon

(sriracha as with all spices are free foods)

Load lettuce leaves with eggs and top with cabbage mixture.  Fold and eat as a wrap!  Enjoy!!  If you try this recipe, please tell me what you think!  Leave a comment or shoot me a message!  If you love it, share away!

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