What do moms really want for Mother’s Day?

A fancy brunch? A family trip to the zoo? Diamond earrings???   No, no and no according to a poll I took in my absolute favorite moms’ group.  My ideal Mother’s day would be meeting up with these fabulous moms who have been an incredible support to me in my last 3 and a half years being a mom!  We would probably share a mimosa….or 3!!!
So……this one is not a shocker!!!  Number 1 is SLEEP!!!!  This is such a hot topic in groups!  We RARELY get 5-7 hours of sleep and if we do, it’s so completely broken, we can just refer to it as a little “shut eye.”  When we aren’t talking about how our kids never sleep, we are thinking about it and if we aren’t thinking about it, we are probably nodding off into the baby’s high chair tray while feeding them smashed peas, or the computer screen where we should be working.  Lack of sleep is all consuming and it feels like we will never, ever sleep again.  Even when our eyes are shut at night, we are listening with our entire beings for a child falling out of bed, a cough or a hack, a baby forgetting to breathe and if all is quiet, we hear our husbands snoring!!!!   On the days that our kids aren’t teething, they are sick with fevers, colds, stomach bug, etc.  Poor babies.  Poor parents!  So, being able to sleep in an hour, two hours or all day would be PHENOMENAL!!!  Ideally, it would be uninterrupted and for as long as possible!  Heck, I was sick last week with the stomach bug and part of me was sort of excited about staying in bed getting to sleep even though I felt horrible.  Ahhhh…..precious, precious SLEEP!!!
Number 2 is A DAY OFF, a night off, a weekend off, a vacation off, or at least a few hours off from mommy-ing!  We love it and we will shout it from the rooftops, but sometimes we get so lost and caught up in taking care of everyone else’s needs, that we slightly feel like we are losing our minds or our identities, and we don’t even remember to shower or get a chance to shower and if we do, we don’t get to dry our hair or complete a thought because we have little fingers under the door!  A few hours for a mani, or a pedi, a hair appointment, movie trip, spa day, beach day, shopping or a massage.  No texts to report a missing shoe, or sippy cup or to ask where the graham crackers are.  Just some down time.  Something, anything to help us relax, step back, breathe, and REFILL our own cup!  This is a mom’s dream.   One mom was planning a spa day AND a trip to the winery with her own mom.  AMAZING!!!!!!  We are better mommies and better people all around when we decompress!!!  Oh, and when we come home, we want a clean house too.  Asking too much?  We deserve it!!!!  <3
Number 3 is a day of FUN!!!   Responsibility-free time to just ENJOY the family.  Other family members take over ALL responsibilities including cooking, cleaning, laundry, packing bags, etc. (or outsource these jobs to professionals!)  Mom gets to sit back, play, laugh, take it all in without stressing over details.  What a PERFECT way to be present with the family.   Having others do the dirty work, the behind the scenes work, the upkeep.  Mom gets to interact with the family in a stress-free environment!   Essentially, moms want to feel like a visitor in their own home!  Waited on without responsibility.  🙂
Number 4 seems to be a CLEAN house.  Someone to come and clean the house that day or maybe a day in the week following.  There is something magical about having a clean house and not having to put in any elbow grease.   The people that have this luxury say that it is completely amazing and others who don’t seem to have this as a #lifegoal.  If you aren’t giving the gift of a clean house, check 1, 2, or 3.  🙂

Number 5 is breakfast, or brunch, or farmer’s market, or morning out with the family- something very light, but fun and the event should probably include MIMOSAS!!! 🙂

Number 6 is  just say no to the big challenges of parenthood.  We want a day of no diapers, no teething, no potty-training, no fighting, no one saying dinner is gross.  Just NO.  None of that!  Can we get them to sign a contract for this one??

Number 7  is chocolate- in the form of chocolate or cake .

Number 8 is wine- in the form of red wine.

Number 9 is wine- in the form of white wine.

Number 10 is appreciation.  A thank you, a card, a verbal acknowledgement or maybe a kid-made card or gift.  In my opinion, this should be paired with one of the above, but would be truly appreciated any way it comes.

On this Mother’s Day, think about the gift that’s good for Mom’s soul.  Do that.  If you’re unsure, just ask.  Most of us aren’t shy about what’s good for our soul.  We love our babies, but we also know we are better moms when we get the time and attention we need for self-care too.


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